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Let's Begin

All kinds of basic shapes from circles to octagons, plus our house, dressable bunny, and many more.
• • • • •

Let's Draw Animals

Over 50 familiar animal friends from the barnyard to the zoo.

• • • • •

Let's Make Patterns

Complete simple patterns.

Then try cutting them out to make more complex patterns of your own

• • • • •

Let's Write
Friends & Family

Home and family themed pages, plus dressable friends (seen above).

• • • • •

Let's Write

• ABC book of animals
• ABC book of familiar objects
• Bug Jar 123

• • • • •

Alphabet Soup lc
Alphabet Soup uc

AlphaScramble lc
AlphaScramble uc
Alphabet Grid

Let's Write Zoo

All kinds of animals from the familiar to exotic and endangered.
More on the way!

• • • • •

Let's Write World

Make simple maps and familiar objects. Over 50 sheets of items from around the world.

• • • • •

Let's Write Fairy Tales

Create castles, dragons, giants, and more. Recreate pages from your favorite fairy tales.

• • • • •

Easy Cut

Gingerbread Man

Ice Cream Cone
Snowflake 1
Snowflake 2
Snowflake 3

• • • • •

Songs and Poems

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
1,2,3 Little Fireflies
Kangaroo Jump
One Little Egg
Soap and Water

'Bingo' Dog

• • • • •


Crayon Name Tags, Growth Charts, Classroom Area Info Charts, Interest Area Counters, End of Year Certificates, and more. All suitable for use in creating a rich and colorful learning area.

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larger view of Listening & Library Areas
Click for a larger view
from our collection of Classroom Area informational charts.


Multi-cultural Name Tags, Kids Daily Flow Chart, Growth Charts, Interest Area Counters, End of Year Certificates, and more. All suitable for use in creating a rich and colorful learning area.

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Click for a larger view
of just one of several End of Year Certificates available in our Members Area.


Teddy Bear Name Tags, Growth Charts, Interest Area Counters, Birthday Wall Charts, End of Year Certificates, and more. All suitable for use in creating a rich and colorful learning area.

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Click for a larger view
of one of our Birthday charts.

My Alphabet Zoo

Upper case, lower case and animal name word cards for matching, games & charts.

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Decorate truck and small block areas or create environments for dino or animal play. Great for bulletin boards too!

• • • • •

Special Occasion
  • Birthday Bookmarks
  • New Baby Cards
  • Thank You Cards Polar Bear
  • Thank You Cards Cat
  • Valentine Cards


Bulletin Board Upper Case Letter Patterns

  • UVWX
  • YZ & punctuation

  • UVWX
  • YZ & punctuation

Having an Open House?

• Make a list of things to look for around the classroom.

• Cut out list and tape inside the What to Look For box.

• Print your copies and cut apart.

• Distribute to families for a fun classroom scavenger hunt.

Handout for our Best Play Dough Recipe
(also found on home page)


Wall Size Evergreen Tree Pattern

  • Center
  • Left
  • Right
  • Topper
  • Trunk & directions

Teddy Bear Counters

  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-9

Unifix Compatable

  • 1-5
  • 1-10
  • 1-50
  • 51-100


Counting Cards

  • Count 1-50
  • Count 50-100

• Try printing one set on white card stock and another set on colored card stock.

• Cut the white ones apart (you can start with cutting rows and then later move on to individual numbers).

• Laminate if desired.

• Have children match the white set to the colored set

• After they have mastered placing the cards on the uncut sheet have them try placing the numbers without a sheet to match to.

Classroom Planning and Recording of Information

  • Curriculum at a Glance
  • Curriculum Units
  • 3 rig Planning Sheets side 1
  • 3 ring Planning Sheets side 2
  • Information Log
  • Staff Development
Unit Worksheet

For variety, a multi-cultural look, or for greater project stability, pages may be printed on lightweight card stock or various colors of printer paper. Pages that print in color look best on white paper or card stock.

The possibilities for fun and learning are endless!


Each Porcupickle activity sheet is designed to stimulate children's language and creativity, while practicing fine motor skills, gaining spatial skills and growing a sight word vocabulary.

Let's Begin and Let's Draw Animals are designed for even the youngest beginning writer and artist.

Our Let's Write series is a perfect way for beginning writers and artists to gain skill in writing and learning sight words, while having fun!

Classroom Printables from name tags to End of Year Certificates, we have materials to create a bright and exciting learning environment!

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At home, or in the classroom, have fun while learning!

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