Children love to learn to write their names! Their name is often the first word they learn to recognize by sight. They also often show an interest in writing the names of family and friends. Adults working with children can take advantage of this early interest to introduce a variety of beginning reading skills.

To begin, open the PDF file of your choice (you will need the free Acrobat Reader ), print, gather some writing materials, and then get started! (If you don't see the name you are looking for, send us an email. We will be adding new names to our list often.)

Set up a children's writing center in your home or classroom: We offer hundreds of activity sheets with beginning writing opportunities for young children. Our Themes revolve around familiar children's interest areas. Our open-ended activity sheets easily fit into and enhance your school or home curriculum. Visit our Member's page for more information.

All are easy to download and designed to stimulate your child's ability to think, draw and imagine, while having fun!

From One of Our Users: We also use the names for the students on a light bright (no need to plug it in). We peg their name (one at a time) up and they fill in all the spaces. Once the child is done he returns the pegs to the container then finds the next person for their turn. This is a great fine motor activity as well as letter and name recognition. It helps the students identify their new classmates.
L.D., Tewksbury, MA

Beginning Sound Song (sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell/can be used with any name/ we'll use Madeline as an example)

The first sound is mmmm
And the second sound is adeline
Put it all together and
It spells Madeline

author unknown

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